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01 | Problem

iReach: a local search engine service providers who were facing some problems with their existing app design
and wanted redesign entire application. They also wanted to build location sharing and location saving functionalities
into their existing app. Due to increasing business competion, they also needed a chat feature. They asked us to build easy
and simple location experience for the user. With all of that they needed very minimalistic design.

02 | Approach

Since, it was redesigning process, we got to see what went wrong with earlier design and what was to be learned from it.
This made our work more easier. Client also provided us the rough wireframe of their idea, which was kept as a platform
for what we intended to achieve. We were more concerned with location sharing and location saving feature, which had the
potential to bring more conversions for the client.

02 | UX Design

We were required to ship all the designs within few days, hence, we used the provided wireframe and only concentrated
on final design. We replaced traditional dashboard navigation to promising and trending, hidden sidebar navigation. We made
location sharing experience simple and familiar by incorporating chat like UX.

02 | UI Design

We used Google's new Material Design principles to whole application design. Search list items and tap (saved location)
list items were designed as cards with meaningful click actions. The main screen was decorated with beautiful, intuitive and meaningful illustrations.

mathrusoft UI/UX design concept for iReach android application


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