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01 | Problem

Barpass approached us with a dream to have a platform that served as a medium between bartenders and customers who want
to buy drinks from them. They observed that one critical factor affecting customer satisfaction is how quickly bartenders
takes order from them. They wanted to build easy and fun-filled drink ordering experience for the user. They also wanted
a simple application, providing basic functionalities.

02 | Approach

We knew that this platform had to be designed keeping in mind that drink ordering time and total wait time for the user should
be reduced. So we broke down whole drink ordering and consuming process into small tasks and concentrated on eack task considering
human emotions involved in each task and tried to figure out which task is painful for the user and how it should be improved.
With all this knowledge we arrived at the problem statement and applied Lean UX to get first MVP.


03 | UX Design

The whole UX process is carried out using lean principles, since client wanted a quick product delivery time. A deep user
research is carried out to understand their behaviors, motivations, frustrations, emotional triggers. We then considered all user
scenarios and designed distinct personas starting from someone who would use the smartphone for online ordering to the ones who
would use it for daily email check. Our goal was to map users paths flows that take users from their login page towards ordering a drink.
The whole process needed to provide value both to the user as well as the Bar owners. We then arrived at wireframes for each user
flows(tasks). We were trying to gauge the best way to make drink ordering extremely simple, straight forward and to the point. So, the whole structure of app is kept extremely simple, user friendly and it takes less than a second to order drinks.

mathrusoft wireframes Design

04 | UI Design

We incorporated Google's new Material Design principles to deliver pixel perfect UI. We also implemented proven usability
techniques for online food ordering system and ensured that the app stood out from the rest and was extremely simple. Logo has been
inspired by easy receiving of the drink avoiding all the barriers. The whole app uses amber and teal color to reflect joy and calmness.

mathrusoft design screens for barpass system
mathrusoft color pallate for barpass system design
mathrusoft design logo concept


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